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Absolutely amazing

I love this game.

Hard without WiFi, very glitchy

Is beautiful game. But it’s really hard if you don’t have WiFi because the skills only work with internet connection, same with the farms. Plus the farms not collect wen your gone so you have to check in every 10 min unless you can pay Every Single Day. For some maybe is not that much, but being on disability me not can. And you not can zoom in unless is take photo even tho the fish is tiny and hard to see. There’s also not a good tutorial. Me has try play this several times over 2 years and just not understood how to play until finally find a great tutorial by someone else that show how to use farms, event fish, fusion fish, etc . . . And it’s really glitchy. Honestly tho if it worked without internet I’d still give 4 or 5 stars because it’s the only game me was can find that can build peacefully no fighting and is beautiful to watch not boring while waiting.

It’s soo soothing.

When ever I’m stressed or need to relax i go straight to this app. It’s enjoyable and makes you feel at peace.

Super relaxing

Love playing it when I’m bored

Tap tap fish

This game is soooooooooo relaxing...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


This is the most relaxing game I have ever played. It is so amazing. Love the custom fish

A bug unfixed

I love this game and love its concepts. Its just one of those games you cant help but get addicted to. My only issue is that I've only ever seen from over my friends shoulder. You see, i have a pretty old iPad, and a lot of games don't support my version. I was really pumped when i found this game that supposedly supported my version. But, as soon as i opened it up, it crashed in a few seconds. This was heart breaking. I know problems have arose like this before. And i have scoured the internet looking for solutions, but i just cant find one. I just wanted to have my problem looked into thank you.

a little buggy

i really love this game, the graphics and music are beautiful and it’s really calming to play. my only complaint is that there are some annoying bugs that won’t go away. for example, up in the top right corner where the achievements button is, it says i have an achievement in the collections page with the globe, but there is no new achievement to look at so there’s always that little red “!” up there that won’t go away. i also win fish on the luck wheels and it says they’ll be in my “manage fish” page but they’re never there. and sometimes when the treasure chest comes down, i’ll tap it and i’ll get a black screen and the ad never loads and it stays like that for about 5 minutes until my game crashes. this app also drains my battery really fast but that might just be my phone’s fault. other than all that, the game is pretty good. if those bugs didn’t exist i’d give this app 5 stars :)

Love it but plz

Add prehistoric fish and marine reptiles cause I’ve seen a whale that is secret and it looked like a sea dragon or something


This is a really fun and interesting game. Recommend to all.

The app deleted itself and I can’t get it back

The title says it all


Now I must explain, this app is very calming of the nerves. But we all must come out and say that this game has pornographic ads that obviously aren’t appropriate for the Younghans. Not even adults want to see those ads. Now I don’t know how you could’ve let this ad slip through the cracks but you did. Remove ads immediately and check if any of them are pornographic. But for the time being just don’t have any ads.

Great Game

Great game and the fish in the game look so good


This is the best 5 star this is the best FLIPING game🦑🐟🐙🐠🐡🧜🏿‍♂️🧜🏻‍♀️🐊🦈🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🐡🦀🦐🦑🐙🐳🐧🐦❤️❤️❤️❤️ old sport


I love this game.

Please don’t include so many notifications to share

Beautiful game but there are so many notifications that the rock says and so many quests to make sure you share the app it gets tiresome. It also takes you out of the vibrant atmosphere I know the people behind the app worked hard to create.


So calming and serene just fun


Great art style and easy to play


This game is amazing. I’ve only been playing for seven days and I love it. Tap tap fish is relaxing , calming,and fun. I mean if you like tapping things and taking pictures this is the game for you. Even people who don’t like doing just that stuff. I like it a lot Because I like the ocean a lot , It is awesome because I get to learn about all these different fish. Not exactly learn about them but find out there are so many more fish in the ocean then I know of . I think you should really try this game. Especially if you like ocean.


is there gonna be a halloween event this year? i’m waiting for it.

Absolute Garbage

Forget about anything you see in the preview video unless you want to spend 10 dollars per animal pack... nothing but cash grab shovelware here.

Not at all relaxing

I didn’t download the app to feel relaxed but I don’t understand why it’s advertised as a relaxing app. I use 2 fingers to double tap for “vitality” and is it a fruitless endeavor. Unless you never play and get the “while you were gone” rewards, it’s just another hype app,

This game is amazing

The variety is at a very large scale. So many little things to change that are all at your fingertips. It is just amazing

Absolutely beautiful, but...

This game is absolutely breathtaking and addictive. It reminds me of Flutter: Starlight and the other Runaway games. I think it is a great game, but I wish you didn’t have to buy packages just to get a certain special “fish” or sea mammal. I would love the Princess one, but I don’t want to have to pay 10 bucks just to get something in an app. Other than that, great game!!!

This game is beautiful

This game is well developed in the graphic and story aspect.



This game succs big balz

This game is dudy

Satisfied and relaxed

This game is awesome and calming. When I first got it, my brother had shown me the game, now I’m hooked. This is different from other idle games, and I love sea animals, so I’m going to pour my heart out to you, as my first game I had ever rated/reviewed, and give you five stars

Not optimized

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not optimized for iPhone X, XS, and XS Max. My only request it that you optimize the game to fit these phones because it it blocking much content.

Great game!! I can’t figure out how to restart the data

Great game, but I need help I can’t figure out how to reset the data the only option is confirm 😐 Anyone know what to do? I’m on a Apple iPod.

It is fun... but

The fish are way to expensive😤🤑😡😠 But the game is really cool and awesome and relaxing.But... I hate the new update

I have only one complaint

I love this game, but why can’t I use the Midas Tap feature on the freshwater aquarium? I paid for it, I should be able to use it completely. 😅


wish there was a cow pack totally buy that for 10$ plus wish i could veiw from different angles not just click on a item or fish+ veiw it without the blackbar when you go to veiw a fish or item +is there a way to increase max fish allowed beside coral

great, but-

i really wish that there was a way to recycle some of my fish for either vitality or diamonds. that would honestly be great.

Fun and beautiful

It’s really beautiful and good to play when u got nothing to do


You used to get your moneys worth but the dev has gotten greedy

It’s a good game

This game is very relaxing and is entertaining. Although there are in app purchases that drive me crazy because I don’t want to spend money on a game it is still fun with them.


The idea is cool and all but like all these clicker games it becomes way too expensive. Come on now 34F for one fish. Then the next will be like 53G like that’s way too much increase


I do love this game, and I really mean it,but if there is one thing I would love to see out of it is a sandbox mode, where you can start over with unlimited vitality, I think this would really make the game even better. I do hope that in the future this becomes a feature!🦑🐋🦈🐟

Used to be so much better...

This game has gone downhill. I get it, it’s free. But you can’t progress hardly at all without paying, unless you spend HOURS on the game every day. It’s an idle tapper. No one is going to spend hours on it.

Could be better

It took me 3 days to get 1m... that’s to much


I love this game, it is so fun and it is so beautiful, I also love the music in the background of the game.

Love this game

This is the best tapping game ever

Never works

I’ve tried to get into this app like four or five times. It never works. It barely brings up the main screen then just shuts down.

Can’t get my account on my new iPhone

I loved the game but now I can’t open my account on my iPhone. I had an android before and I saved it in there multiple time and even saved it before I switched phones. Now on my iPhone the options are different and I have nothing in my cloud. So now how do I get my game back there’s no way I’m starting over!!! Also once u progress in the game it become kinda boring especially if u don’t level up certain things.

My game reset. Sorta

Okay I had downloaded this game before and then deleted it. I downloaded it again and I had worked on it for a while. I had completed the pirate event, had tons of cute little fish and all that. So one day I get on and it resets back to my old game! I was a higher level but didn’t have as many good fish. When I first downloaded it again I would have been really excited about it, but after I worked really hard on it!? Like I had it for months and it just now happened. If I can get my old game back that would be great! Please either tell me how to do this or maybe the creators can undo it? I didn’t save on Facebook since I don’t have one, so if I can’t do it another way I’m screwed.

Frustrated and sad...

I used to love this game. Ive had it for over two years now. But at this point there’s soooo many game glitches, the most annoying of which is the apps persistent pop up trying to get me to log into iTunes, for what reason, I could only speculate. I thought that perhaps this update would fix this, since I have seen MANY people complain about this on the Facebook page, but unsurprisingly, it has not been fixed. The freshwater aquarium, while good in theory, is really just more of the same glitchy game play that tired me in the main aquarium. I think I’m about done. Which makes me sad.


After a while, the fish start to cost way too much. Can you make them a bit cheaper?

Pretty cool, however...

Has a lot to offer as an idle game, it’s quite well made, it’s got a great leveling system that makes you think, unique character models, and it’s not super overt with its ads. However, when you’re not playing, it’s often not very honest about the amount of vitality you gain passively. Whether this is do to limits of the programming, or to pad the game time so they make more money, I don’t know, but it is dissapointing when you make the same passively in 3 hours as you do in 23.

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