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Tap tap play

The game is so satisfying to the music make me sleepy this game kinda work my fingers for my piano and LOVE IT😄😄😄😄😍😘😀😀😀😃😃🐳🐋🐬🐟🐠🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡

More music?

I love the game in general, but the music really gets to me. It’s peaceful at first, but then it’s just the same song over and over and over again. That issue has led me to uninstall the game, however I’m giving it another shot :/


Makes me want to delete the whole app because of this! Please fix it

Pretty good!

Its an amazing game but sometimes is doesn’t load properly and I watch ads but don’t get the things

Really fun, can’t stop playing

I love this game it is like having an aquarium on your phone. If you are reading this you should know that I totally recommend this game to all the people that want to play a simple game that is still fun. Also, it is the calming game I have ever played. Get this app now, you won’t regret it!!!! 😍😘😇🙂🙃😉☺️😋😛😝😜

Tap tap fish

Good game

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Amazingly relaxing 😌💙🐋🐟🐠

It won't let me open the app

It won't let me open the app. I am devastated 😭😭 I click on the app, it loads for a minute, then kicks me off to the home screen. If someone knows how to fix it, please let me know! I hope I can play it someday...

Update with more fish!

Here’s some fish I think you guys should add to the game! 1. Axolotl - I know you have the prized walking fish, but I think there should be a version available with just a regular, plain axolotl (they’re cute anyway) 2. Anglerfish 3. Moray Eel 4. Group of minnows - I think this would just look great overall swimming in the back ground of the Coralite 5. Crabs? 6. Barracuda 7. Yellowfin Tuna 8. Firefly Squid 9. Puffer fish (ones that can actually inflate and deflate) 10. Giant Pacific Octopus 11. Penguins?

Simply fantastic.

Tap Tap fish is such a relaxing game. Whenever you get home from school/work, play this game; it sets you such in a good mood. The music soundtrack to this game is wonderful as well! Sometimes, I don’t even play the game at all and just listen to the music itself. It takes away anger if you have any! Honestly, I don’t know why it doesn’t cost money to play the game, it’s just good...


I spent my money I worked hard for to get some gems but later to find out they didn’t give me my gems it is a bad game. You can play it but if you buy anything on it don’t count on getting it or a refund!

So cute and fun to play!

I enjoyed this game a lot, as you’re building a home for millions of fish in the ocean, and they have special event fish every month! I rate this 10/10 and would recommend.


PLEASE make more games like this I enjoy this game sooo much the nice music, the decorations, the fish, and the graphics are 👌

Would love some new music

This is a very relaxing game, almost therapeutic, I think u guys can play on that factor of the game a little more. I like the music in the game, but I will get tired of it eventually. I think it’d be cool if there’re more soothing music to be unlock and perhaps some ambient sound even. And maybe we can assign those music to different theme and skin. I understand we can play music with iTunes in the background but I rather have everything in one place. Maybe u can commission some original tracks that’s unique to the game.

Great Game

Very fun love it

LOVE IT ITS Sooooooooooooooo GOOD

It’s. Fun.

The ads are SO BUGGY

It’s a beautiful game and I appreciate that the ads aren’t intrusive like in some games, where everything you try to do brings up another ad, most of them long, almost all with at least two separate screens that have to be Xed out of to leave the ad—oh this game has those, but you have the choice to click on them, you have incentives for it, bonus vitality, bonus gems, it unlocks chests, it resets your abilities so you can use them sooner, all for clicking on ads, and I’m 100% okay with that. I know the devs need to make money and like I said, it’s a beautiful game, they did their job well and definitely deserve to get paid for it, I appreciate at least being able to choose when I watch the ads... BUT... As I said in the title, the ads are so glitchy! They hang, they crash, they freeze the game or crash it back to the device home screen, often at the cost of whatever I was supposed to get for watching them, almost always at the end of the ad, so I watched the whole dumb thing and got nothing for it, possibly even lost something if I was trying to unlock a chest that’s no longer there or double my away bonus that’s now vanished. It doesn’t seem to be any particular ad because the same one will play (5 times in a row, if you’ve played “free” games you know what I mean) but then later every time it tries to play it kills the whole game again, or dumps me back to my reef but in a broken sort of way, where I can’t tap on anything and have to kill the app—again. Ads are fine and I appreciate this model of giving them to me more than any other, truly, but if they make the game unplayable it’s *still* an unplayable game and not worth the space on my phone or tablet, however pretty it is.

Too complicated

It was better back when it was just simple with fish

Love the game

This game is fun, addicting, and relaxing. It’s perfect for people like me who get stressed easily. It would be cool if a future update includes naming fish.

11/10 would tap again

This game is amazing if you have anxiety. The calming music and softer colors are really helpful

Best Game Ever!

I love this game.I mean,I already have a bunch of ADORABLE fish 🎏 and it's only my second day playing! Keep up the good work. 🐠

Love it

I love it but can you make things easier and not do so much Facebook that’s upsets me

Fixed seasonal fish events!!! Thank you!

Great game! Cute fish, lovely art, and constant updates with listening developers! Definitely worth the free download! My original review (seen below)seems to have been answered! Though the devs didn’t reinstate SotM to its former glory, I think they did something even better; they saw the backlash from the community and worked out a rather decent compromise between our desire to play with minimal work and their desire to increase exposure time! That’s why I changed my review from 1 to now 5 stars, they listened and came up with a solution. I will gladly give my money to them again! Original post, edited 5/18/18: I have played this game since it came out 2 years ago and have always come back for the events, which were by far the best part of the game. The designs were always fun, and I admittedly always found myself paying for the IAP to be able to speed it up. Nonetheless, I am disappointed in the Valentines Event this year. I like that the devs are trying to change up the method of which collection is distributed to keep things fresh, but things like this should definitely go through an open beta before being released. Had a proper survey been conducted from a large group of current and new players, then the mess that is this big could have been avoided, particularly about the part where specific game mechanics are removed and stated to “make the game easier” when it clearly doesn’t (I’m looking at you song of the moon). I have promptly deleted the game and will refuse to play it in its current state, as should most other returning players. New players should also stay away until this is fixed. I’ll definitely be checking again in the near future, but until the current model is fixed to something that the player base can accept then I will have to say no to the cute fishies. I really do hope that you guys fix it though, I really enjoyed it but it’s unacceptable in its current state.

Fun but glitchy

The game is great but it consistently fails to give me resources when I’m supposed to get them and then restarts the cooldown timer (sometimes making me wait two hours to get something again)

Dark theme event

Hope they make a dark theme where you can get glow in the dark fishes, that would be amazing.

I love this so much!

I'm already obsessed with marine life and this game has the cutest themes and graphics of all my favorite sea creatures. It's so addicting and there's so many objectives and goals to keep you hooked!


This game is pretty fun. I enjoy sea life games. The music is super relaxing. BUT, it is super annoying that you have to pretty much spend money to do anything really. I’m almost to that point where I feel like deleting this app for that reason. I feel like the game has a bunch of potential but I will probably be deleting until you guys do a better update or something. Frustrating you have to buy to upgrade for more space.

Love this app!! :)

I love this app a lot! ;) it's always a competition between me and my brother who is better at the game! I was just wondering if you could make a game called 'tap tap cat' were you have to upgrade your toys and unlock new cats! Just a though. Anyway when ppl say that this would be 'pay to play' I don't think it is because I've had less then 2 weeks and have about 42 fish.. love the app! Keep up da great work plz;)

Beautiful Game

I absolutely love this app way more than I expected. Now that I have expanded with extra terrains and coral I wish I could play horizontally. When I rotate the screen in photo mode it’s even more stunning to watch.

3 bad updates in a row

Can’t help but feel like there’s no hope for the old event style to return. They know what gets them money so they won’t change. This game is officially dead 👍 no longer fun and is more stress than it’s worth.




The app is very addicting because the goal is to get every fish but that is very long away. I love the fish designs they are very modern. I love this game

Used to be amazing

This used to be a wonderful gem of a game! The graphics are super pleasing and the laid back collecting elements of the game made it fun. Now, in recent events, the way that the game is set up is that you would have to spend oodles of money (I’m talking $100s) or oodles of hours (again, 100s) to complete events and collect all the fish. I can’t do that. That’s unreasonable. Until they fix this I can’t give the game more than two stars.

This game is very relaxing

If you enjoy electronic fish this app is for you. It’s great.

Storing fish

I love the game but the store fish keeps storing all my fish and when I try to bring them out others get stored instead. How can I stop this? And can that bug be fixed please? Other wise 5/5 from me

****REFUND**** for Fennick fox package

Well for the 2nd time I bought the fennick fox package and haven’t gotten it. Can this please be looked into because the funds have been taken from my account.

How doI get?

I love this game but I can’t see all the event fish in the event menu. So if you can put in a update we’re you can see them all that would help a lot.


Hello people reading this and hello creators of tap tap fish. Other than the fact that I think that tap tap fish is a pretty good game. The reason the title of this review is “Never get this Game” is because I had a ton of fish and apparently I traded them all for those stupid pink things. Not worth it! And the reason I wrote this is simple I want my fish back and you guys to stop making random achievements that you know is going to decrease players progress and just throw it away. Please fix this!


The game is amazing and I love how calm and pretty it is. I saw my brother playing it and decided to download it and I’m happy I did! Just wish there was a way to sell fish you don’t want for pearls so the don’t stay put away and you can use the pearls to try for more creatures.

Good game :D

I downloaded this game and it was awesome. The game is really cute because the fishes are cute. It is fit for kids that love fish and the ocean. I hope you will enjoy this game also

Won’t load

I have downloaded it twice and it still won’t load at all. When I tap on it to load, all I get is a black screen for about 15 seconds and then goes back to my home screen. I have never been able to play it. What can I do? Instead of helping me be calm it’s frustrating me even more.

Missing pearls

I recently purchased 200 pearls and never received them Abyssrium please help and put the 200 pearls in my account I really do love the game and don’t want to have to stop playing because of payment issues

Glitch with the ancient Coelacanth

Every time I capture three pictures of the cactus ray it doesn’t give me the coelacanth. Please fix this. Good game btw

events are now way too tedious

Loved this game, but honestly not sure what to do now that the song of moon is not working like it was before the update. I already felt like this game was taking forever to go through, and being able to get through events relatively quickly is what kept me loving this game. Unfortunately, I do not have the time for it if I am only getting 1 thing for the event at a time.

More complex animals wanted,but is a really good game

I like the game it’s really good but I want your game to have you know more complex animals for example your missing the moray eel all you have was the gulper eel, you should also have crabs that crawl around the stone that would be neat to add crabs.You should also add sea snakes, another reptile with the saltwater crocodile.

I love this game but...

I hate how a clown fish is the same price as a new one. JUST IN GENERAL a old fish shouldn’t be the same price as a new one


It’s very glitchy and it doesn’t make as much sence in the beginning I don’t know it’s weird

Broken for me still

I love this game and once I got my new phone, iPhone 7 Plus, I was excited to get this app again. Once it installed and I went to click on the app to open it....nothing. It keeps me on a black screen for a little bit before closing down. I tried to open it again but nothing happens. It’s been like this for a month or two now and nothing has been fixed because it still doesn’t open for me. There was a new update out and I figured it would fix it but it didn’t do anything and when I click on the app to open it the screen stays black and then it shuts down the app and it never opens. I really loved this game but now I’m not even able to play it

Literally my cure to anxiety.

This game has gotten me through a lot including my vise principal telling me that I can share my personal problems at school. This game has cured anxiety and anger issues for me.

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