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Best game EVER but....🤨

I love this game and probably play it at LEAST 15 times a day but have noticed that this glitch keeps happening, I open the game and it stops. Like literally stops. None of my fish move. It eventually gets going but this glitch is REALLY ANNOYING. Could you please please please fix this?☹️☹️☹️ Tysm for reading this😀😀❤️

Very cute game

The game is extremely cute but I wish I could name my fish, the games interface is somewhat confusing and I wish you could get a mermaid without having to purchase it with real money


The music is so relaxing if your stressing out. Tapping the screen relieves tension. The little cute quotes the volcano man gives. The little fish swimming around. Is so relaxing and i’ve only had it one day-1 hour to be more specific. At first it was a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. :))

I love it

Everything about it is amazing i love it


This game is relaxing and fun, and not to mention the amazing graphics! If there were a ten star, I would rate it that... or more! I like how this is a family friendly game, and no animals die in this game. I have not gotten far, but it is stupid not to download this!!! There is one suggestion I wanna ask... you should make a rebirth... if any of you don’t know what rebirth is, it’s where you reset all of your progress, but it unlocks new things and gives earning a boost, so you can earn more money. Again, this game is awesome!!!

Super amazing

This game is a feel good game, it’s super relaxing

Best aquatic game ever⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I just started playing and I love it ❤️ 🐢🦑🐙🦐🦀🐡🐠🐟🐋🐳🐬 highly recommended if you like to tap


This game is amazing! I love all the different kinds of fish and I think that you should get this game. It’s calming and addictive and all you ever want to do is get farther into the game!

Pretty good, but needs some work

I think this game is ok.

Amazing Game!

I don't usually rate games, but I just had to with this one. It is very relaxing, and the music is very soothing. Its fun to get all the fish. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about downloading!


I've saved 300 seaweed twice now and when I try to buy a clam, the seaweed is gone and I don't get a clam farm. This happened twice. Not okay.

Great game 👍

The background music is very relaxing and calming. This game also relieves my stress and anxiety from the music and from of the tapping. I just got this game and so far so good. ❤️


I wish there was a choice for no stars but alas. Other one star reviews have made their bitter disappointments clear regarding the updates and downgrades, so let’s add one more I guess? When I tapped on the “fusion” button to create a new fish, the game became unresponsive; upon restarting it, the game took away the amount of farm materials used for that fish, but did not give me a fish. So now I have nothing. And have wasted hours collecting material. Thanks? (I’ve also played this game for at least two years and am so close right now to deleting it because the currency system is pointless and tiresome so maybe reconsider your market strategies and don’t appear like you’re sacrificing quality for money?)



Beautiful! Relaxing! But....

This is a super cute game, it helps me relax and melt into my own little marine world. 🐠🐬🐟 It has amazing graphics, and I enjoyed playing it at first. I’m obsessed.... but once you play for long, there’s nothing you can really do, because...😅 1. It’s really hard to get a new fish because as you level up, they become more expensive, and waiting/tapping for vitality gets boring when you get everything settled down. 2. You have to be constantly playing the game to keep everything in place. So unless you have an unlimited amount of time to play this game for as long as you have it..... well, great, but I don’t think anyone would want to come back to it 20 times daily. That just gets boring. It’s just not a game to be obsessed with... it’s a game to help you escape the real world if you have a lot of problems, and dive into your own little reef, with marine friends that listen without judging.... but it can’t be totally like that if you have to be constantly tapping invitations, so I suggest just not having the fish think about invitations, I think the stone should do it. It’s like the producer of the place. ❤️ I love this game overall, thank you for the great game 😁

Super relaxing

Ive played this game regularly and i like it, but i like the game even more because its super relaxing if you use vr and headphones. I reccomend doing this.

Love it but ad crashes make it unplayable

Let’s be honest... this game is 75%+ watching ads. It’s the only game I’ve played that was remotely worth sitting through all the ads for but having every 3rd or 4th ad crash or fail to load or get locked and uncloseable make this otherwise neat and creatively made game unplayable. I’ve tried several “fixes” suggested on the internet to no avail. I’m just done with the frustration of it. At least I know I’m not alone. Many have the same problem.


So i got the game and i hate it. What makes me even more annoyed is that it wont let me delete the game. Ugh. The only way i can access the game is by coming to the game store and pressing Open. It doesnt even show up on my screen that has all my apps 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 just a waste of storage i could use to make videos for my youtube channel with over 100 subscribers!!! ( Red Foxess Roblox)




Neat 👌

Very relaxing and time-consuming!

Very good game. They did well on the graphics!

Love this game

This game helps me relax and it's really addicting

Great game

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! That’s all i have to say.

Really fun but glitchy

Oh my gosh, push the button to get vitality a fish roll etc and the darn thing stalls out to a black screen only to have to reload the game. How many treasure chests have I lost because of this... argh!!! Please fix. I really like this game but dang, this issue is making me want to delete the whole app.

This game is so calming

This game is calming and fun


I love the game. P.s I wanted to know if you could make a fresh water version with like bass gar catfish bluegill airpima arowana that type of stuff plz ???


Was a great game until I lost all of my levels. I saved my game to the cloud almost every time I played and what do I get? I get to start from the beginning with ZERO LEVELS. Thanks a lot.


This is probably the best game you can play on a phone-



Lost all my upgrades

I haven’t played the game in a few months and all the orogress I made with my upgrades is completely lost. Normal i wouldn’t care but I think everyone who plays the game knows how long and expensive it is to make upgrades!!! Please some one help so I can get all my upgrades back such as delicious food, song of the moon etc. I really love the game but I wish I could just get those back.

u let the game turn awful

i am ready to uninstall if i have to force close my app after every click i make. also this 1 year event is wayyyy to expensive and having to repurchase all cake fish cuz u weren’t on that step is a joke..




Last year when I was playing abyssrium I forgot to buy a night theme for the first anniversary event and I’m trying to get the other event fish for last event but I can’t because my family doesn’t pay in app purchases and I can’t buy the the night theme because I I don’t pay and so I can’t buy the event fish that I need because of that so I was wondering if you could buy the first event costumes and it’s the sequel event to the first event just in case if you didn’t buy the costumes in time so if you ( the abyssrium team) could make that possible and If so it would make it a much more possible to get the past event fish. Thank you


I love this game but when I was going to bed I checked on the game on more time an all my FISH WAS GONE GONE I GOT SOO MAD BECAUSE I HAD BEEN TAPPING FOR A LONG TIME


Hi I think you should add more fish like sharks,rays and penguins to get a good variety. For the sharks you could add mako,cookie cutter,bull. Just for examples. And for the rays maybe add the blue spotted ribbon ray, whiptail, cowtail, yellow stingray, butterfly ray, sixgill ray and deep water ray. And for the penguins you could just add the 17 different species besides emperor penguins. And could you maybe add crabs? Like blue swimming crab, giant Japanese spider crab, Dungeness crabs, red king crab, horseshoe crabs, Florida stone crab, yeti crab, Alaskan crab and snow crabs. And maybe add some sea snakes. Other Than that I love the game but could could please add some of the fish I suggested because that would make the game great.


i love this game so much it’s so simple and cute. the best part is it’s so calming and relaxing it’s basically tapping and getting a fish.

Amazing game, but...

I’ve been playing for a year now, and I have over about lvl 1000 in the game and it’s a very calming game, but where I am now it’s impossible for me to get fish, I leave the game for a few days, come back and get like, 45.6K Vitality, when I need over a Jillion Vitality, so can you put the prices down just a bit? It would really help us over 1 year players so we don’t crawl for a fish

So aesthetically pleasing :)

I play this game to calm down or to just to take a break from my daily life. I’ve told so many people about this! One of my top games. Also, the stickers are adorable and I love the art style!

SO relaxing

I played this game non stop when it came out it was so relaxing I’m re visiting it now I had so much fun playing it I suggest to anyone

Almost not worth it

As much as I love this game, I’m tired of ads crashing every other time it’s opened. I’m tired of tapping on candy pieces repeatedly and they don’t burst, and I’m really getting tired of every other glitch that comes with it. As much as I adore this game, it’s not worth the frustration. I don’t want to have to erase everything i’ve worked so hard to earn, but I will.

Fun and cute

I loved this game for its fun music, peaceful atmosphere, and lovable environment.

Tap Tap Fish

I have only been playing this game for about an hour and I am already hooked and I love the game a lot late game is very peaceful I love the mechanics the graphics in the gameplay and if you’re reading this I suggest you get it

I think a cool idea for an event would be a Fourth of July event

Tap tap fish was on a decline but it improved a lot they added new features to tap tap fish so they made the game more fun after the Sakura event well my kraken disappeared for no reason at all and now I hate it.

Bug to fix

I used 50 pearls to open a luck shell it used the pearls but nothing happened😡.

Tap Tap Fish

This game is søøøøøøøøøøøøøøø füñ!


I am very pleased with this app however when I went to do the better luck shell for 50 pearls it glitches and made it so I spent the pearls but I never got and animal as a prize. I am very upset because it takes a while to get the pearls. Overall I don't really have anymore complaints but that one.

Fun game

It is fun but,I wish you got money faster. I like that you don’t have to go in order. I skipped most coral to get star horn


This game is amazing

Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome 😍😍😍😍😍

I love this game sooooo much i play it every day. Who ever made this game please make more updates of fish and coral. The only thing that’s weird is the fish go through that big peace of rock but I deal with it. And what I like about it is the rock talks to you and I wish you can talk back to the rock. Who ever made this game thank you for making it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😋😍😋😍😍😋😇😃😀😄😁😆☺️😊

Broken ads

One of the adds won’t load at all causing me to reset the game in order to play again. The broken ad lets me pull up a privacy policy for ionSource Mobile so I’m not sure if that helps single out this broken advertizement. For any consumer reading this, the reason this is an issue is that there several “watch an ad get item” features, and because of this broken ad it won’t let me recharge my free song of the moon stuff, spin the roulette, or even earn gems, hearts, or event currency from watching ads because it seems stuck on this one ad most of the time. Other ads work fine and if I’m lucky sometimes the ads that work will replace this broken one and I can earn my stuff. Please fix this soon, it’s very upsetting.

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