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Great game, but crashes without fail, every time since the update.

Abyssrium is an absolutely gorgeous game, but after the recent update it crashes upon opening, which is pretty disappointing. I hope the issue is resolved soon because I if I lose my 23 day streak I'll delete


Why does this crash so much? I hate it. Other wise the game is pretty good.😠😠😅😡😡🙁🙁😋😋

Tap tap fish

Good game perfect update

Deep peace in the deep

Absolutely the best “let’s take a nap” music ever. And the game is simple fun, too!

Great game glitches in “mystery” fish

Great game and I love to play it but whenever I have the will to play the game at 12:00 I do not receive the Mahi Mahi Plz fix this Great game tho Thx

The best game

Tap tap fish is so addictive &I love it but the slow rollout is not that great pleas change it .and can you guys please add new normal fish please .overall awesome game I rate⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not bad, but not good.

I just got this game after my cousin introduced me to it, and I’ve been playing it for a couple of weeks now. At first, it seemed really fun, and I had all the praise for this game. But now, the prices keep rising, and it takes FOREVER to get the money to buy one fish, and the game seems like it’s encouraging you to use real money to buy things. The time it takes always makes me impatient, and it’s not like I have all the time in the world to play this game. I still have school, homework, and my other things I have to do, and so I barely have time to play the game, and the prices are so high.

Just Awesome And Relaxing 🐠🐟🐬🦈🐳🐋

I rate Tap Tap Fish five stars because, well, here’s the story. First, I joined the game and was a new owner of a aquarium and was so excited I cried. Next, I started to play the game, after a while, I loved this game, right now, I got a snow hammerhead shark and a holly marlin only by opening the luck shell and the big luck shell so awesome game here folks. Finally, I unlocked the volcanic eruption skill and the delicious food skill and made the lonely coralllite (the has friends one) over 300. So please make this game more awesome than me and I give this 100,000,000 thumbs up, so please make it better.

Good game, but bad update

The game used to be so much better because you could get fish so much easier and events

Great but a few things could change

I love the app. I think it’s very calming and a great thing to play, but I wish you could zoom up on it to see everything and be able to look at it from different angles. Also I can’t seem to find where it says what level I am although that might be my fault. One more thing is I wish it wouldn’t take as long to unlock things. I wish you could see all the fish and how much they cost so that you can save up to get them. Also that the prices wouldn’t change the more fish you buy. This makes it more frustrating because I’ll save a lot of money and then not have close to enough hearts I need to buy the fish. This is a great app over all but a few things could be changed.

Cute, but frustrating

I really like the idea of making a “clicker” game centered around an aquarium theme. I don’t feel nearly as much frustration playing this game, and have never found myself asking “why am I playing this? What is the point?” That said, the developers really need to fix some bugs that really should have been fixed a long time ago. I’ve been playing for over ten days and have unlocked the sea slug, but when I go to manage fish the sea slug is nowhere to be found.

Can't Even Open It

I had this game on my G-Pad and it was my favorite game, then that broke. I got an IPod but whenever I tried to play, It straight up crashed. Although I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with my IPod, I tried everything but it still wouldn't open.I looked up everything about the game and it all said it should work. This game was all I want on this IPod but it just won't work.

Good game

This is a real good game I can’t stop playing it it’s so good one of the best games I have played


I can't even open the app anymore ever since I updated. Unfortunate because I spent 10 dang dollars on the Midas tap. Whatever I guess.

It was good, but now..

I liked this game. Trust me, I did, but now it is basically an ENDLESS WAR for the event fish. I literally have no time to collect normal fish anymore because come every month, a whole new wave of event fish arrive. I put in HOURS of work to get all of them, yet come July, the event ends and never comes back! On top of that, this game is turning from a great and fun sea simulator to a buggy piece of garbage! For example, I store all other fish to loot coins from the treasure bag jellyfish, and after I unlock the treasure map barracuda and bring all the other fish back, I look in the manage fish place and almost ALL fish I brought back are stored again! Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, make this better!


Tap tap fish is a very good game. The music is very soothing and just relaxing in general! All and all this game is a 8/10, I highly suggest this game, you will (probably) love it.

Cool I guess

It won't let me open it 😡

Hey ya

😍 love it the best game and I played


I LOVE this game it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I got it a few days ago and I am obsessed!!!!! I love marine life, I want to be a marine biologist, so this game is awesome for me!!! I love this game, it is a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me!! If you love the ocean get this game!!!! Signed, Fish lover🐟🐠🐙🦑🦀🐡🦐🐬🐳🐋

Fun, But

I really really really enjoy this game I love everything abt it. From the different fish, different challenges to the different events each month. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 star rating is because, I’ve told a lot of people abt it but some of them have Samsung’s or different devices that aren’t able to get it, I really hope that it becomes available to all different devices soon.

A game that is no game ☹️

The app looks very pretty and who doesn’t want to de-stress and become zen. However, every time I have downloaded this app and I click on it, it kicks me out of the game. It doesn’t matter if i have downloaded it to my iPad or to my iPhone 8 Plus-it immediately shut me out. I have also tried opening it from the App Store and still it immediately kicks me out. Not very zen!

Good game hard challenges

I love the pirate challenges for the Kraken but the third one is extremely hard my whale just won’t give me coin so please make the challenges easier.

Crash glitch

I started playing this game over a year ago i loved this game but now whenever i try and open it crashs before i get into the game and i dont know how to fix it. help me...

i love it sm

i play this game a bit and it is absolutely so wonderful and peaceful. it takes a bit to get farther up in the fish chart but the work you put in is the prize you get out. overall worth the wait!

Great Game!

I absolutely love this game. It’s so peaceful and calms me whenever I am stressed!


Please make the marlin hunting style much easier, and a easier way to get past event fish. Maybe once a year have a month where all past events can be replayed. That would help a lot

Gave it a chance but...

The game really reached back to some old favorites for me and it was cool to see some old PC games I had as a kid mashed into my phone. I suggested it to my bf as well and we started playing together. We would compare fish as a weird trading game which was fun for us :) we both agree that the aggressive push for commercials is slightly overwhelming and wish there were more quests/accomplishments to EARN benefits and currencies rather than only getting them by paying for them or watching commercial after commercial after commercial (it’s pretty intense, seriously)... also, the game is understandable glitchy here and there as well which isn’t an issue in my eyes until I reached out to customer service for one specific glitch and the responses I got from the abyss team were very DISMISSIVE and borderline insulting to my intelligence. They come across as lazy and didn’t seem to care for trying to help with one of the achievements that was glitching for me. That email exchange was really the main thing that killed my ability to over look glitches and aggressive advertising. If it weren’t for the rude emails, I’d still rate the game roughly a 2-3. I’d probably rate a 4 if there was more interaction with the game and less “watch this commercial for this” “watch this commercial for this” but I really can’t support a team of rude people, sorry. Customer service is key. I’ve worked in the business my whole life. Should their team have been a little less rude, wouldn’t be deleting the game. I don’t ask for much, but respect goes a long way. The game has potential if you guys learn how to treat players and stop getting greedy with the game-play ❤️ best of luck.

Want to play

I want to play this game I downloaded it and when I launch it the screen goes black and then it force closes and it won’t open

The developers think we’re idiots and want us to be their wallet

So I guess the developers think we’re morons and think they can just pull these sneaky and very shady gaming practices, I LOVE tap tap fish and have been a loyal customer for years paying them much in micro transactions because they have always been fair! But now they disable the song of the moon for the event candies allowing you only to have one candy at a time but guess what! You can watch ads to get more and you guessed it you can pay to have it all happen slightly faster, and to make it much faster you can pay a low price of ten dollars for the 1hour platypus rather than the three hour one! What a deal! NOT I’m boycotting this game and hoping you do the same until this is fixed, if we don't they’ll go the way of battlefront and destroy the game with micro transactions, this is a test run if it works out then they’ll implement it everywhere in game! Which is too bad because I’m definitely not alone in my complaints and they don’t seem to care, not to mention with all these bad reviews weird how they have a 4.5 star rating, somethings “fishy”

Terrible Update

The update for "Song Of The Moon" taking away the ability to collect more candies makes the entire thing pointless for events. It's a waist of diamonds when people don't know about the update. It is a stupid idea because it is nearly impossible to collect the majority of Event fish this way. I dislike this update and so do a lot of your players. Either long term or new. We're all demanding for its return. Please listen to your players!

Great game .

I love this game, but I’ve noticed that I always have this platypus swimming around on the side of the screen. It does absolutely nothing but swim and it’s freaking me out every time I see it on the side of the screen mostly because I recently watched a creepy movie(IT 2017 version), so if you know why this is happening can you please remove it? I think it also takes up the place another fish could be.

One problem...

I've played this game before but I had to delete it due to storage issues with my iPod. I re-downloaded it after I got more storage but now I am unable to play it because it'll start the 'loading' screen but then it'll turn black, and send me back to my home screen on my iPod. Any help would be great because I'd really Ike to play this game again!!


Great game

Pirate update-Treasure map barracuda

In the update you need to have the barracuda for the 2nd quest......Which i dont have. And ive been watching videos and etc....But i dont know hiw to get the treasure map fish😬🐟Also I’m new to this game


Es perfecto Te relaja .. pero el nombre no lo hace ver interesante i por eso lo más seguro las personas no lo bajan... deberían ponerle Acuarium o algo así bonito q se escuche relajante e interesante

Best game

I really do love this game. The fish and other sea animals are so cute. The back ground music is so relaxing and smooth. I just love everything about this game and if you are thinking about getting this game get it and you will love it. If you need relaxing then this is a very calm game to get. Hope you love the game if you get it. :)


Great time waster in a road trip and more fun and most of all C A L M

I absolutely love this game but...

It’s super fun, but I’m sad that there is too many bugs. I tried to buy the sea urchin farm, but it didn’t unlock and the 300 clams I used to get it were gone. I've also recently lost over 80 pearls due to bugs. I don’t want to let these ruin my experience since it’s a great game, but it’s starting to get hard to do... The only thing this game has going for it at this point is that you fixed the update problem, and how it's a great game. Just fix the bugs and I'll be happy.


This game is so relaxing to play, the music is so calming. It might seem a little boring at first glance but I’ve been up for hours playing this game and I highly recommend it for anyone who is having a study break and needs to relax a little bit.


When I got the pirate update, I still got the Egyptian hermit crab standing there, not the barrel one. Now I can’t even get the kraken! Last update I almost got the whale but I failed. Now I wanted to get the kraken, but, you guys just have too many glitches. Thanks for this.

Tap tap fish

I love this game. Whenever I'm stressed I just play this game and it calms me down.

Good Game, but gets boring

The game was wonderful back when I first got it. It was fun, simple, and helped me learn some fish names. But soon I got really far in and it took days to get a certain amount of Vitality, and then spend it and re-do the process all over again. The events were also tiring. Fish that I could never get and by the next two weeks: New event! It’s a good game, really. I just got bored of it and saw no reason to keep it. If you have a better attention span than me, I recommend this game.


It’s sooooooo fun and it’s kind of sad

AMAZING! 😋❤️😋🐋🐳🐬🐟🐠🐡🐋

I love this game! I’ve been playing it since about October of 2017 and I loved it! I was so addicted and since I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up this was an amazing game for it! I love how it’s interactive and all the different fish you can collect. I also love the events because my friends and I make it a competition to see who can get all the event fish first! An amazing game all together! It has no non optional ads, which I love! The only con would probably be that you can’t collect every single fish without paying for packages in the event or just the game. Like the lion fish and the newest first mate marmoset. Other than that good job creators! This is an amazing game!

Used to be great

This game used to be great. Now it’s a money grab. I used to play it all the time, then it got too a point where it was too hard to progress and I started just playing during the events which was fun. I managed to get al the event fish by working hard at it during the duration of the event. Now they have taken away the ability to get multiple rewards from fish by using song of the moon & the daily mission reward bonus. There is absolutely no way to collect all the event fish in time without spending a ton of money. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I will not do that. Every time there’s an event I come check if they’ve changed it back and they still haven’t. I will not play this game again until they change it back to include the multipliers and I will probably delete it soon since it seems they are not going to. What a bummer because it was a great game.


I have taken pictures of fish that said if I take a picture it will unlock I have many pictures of this fish and posted them on my instergram and face book as well as saved them and I have not been rewarded the fish

It's so beautiful!

Ocean life has always been fascinating to me!🐠🐟🐡🐬🦀🦑🦈🐳🐋🐙

Awful game don’t download

So about one year ago I got this app because my bff Cooper told me to get it. Not gonna lie, the graphics were good but I wanted the 1,000 year old blue whale and I spent over $200 trying to get the whale well guess what ITS A SCAM THE APP TELLS YOU YOU'LL GET FREE FISH BUT REALLY THEY’RE STEALING YOUR MONEY IF YOU WANT TO GET A GAME WITH FISH DONT GET THIS APP very disappointed

I love this game!!! 😋

This game is awesome because it has that calming feeling and when I play it, it actually feels like I’m drifting in the ocean just swimming and playing with fish! In conclusion I love this game and maybe you will to! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!🤪🤩

Bug June Event (Pirates)

I have maxed my oak barrel Hermit Crab but I’m only getting 7 coins per click. Because it says it’s fully maxed I cannot level it up any more. So I’m stuck at 7 coins per click, please fix this. I will change my review if this is fixed.

Best game ever!!

It is relaxing and fun I play it every day

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